JANUARY 11th - 20th


Add Your Event

Are you are brewery that is interested in partnering with a host location for KBW? Are you a restaurant or retailer in Kalamazoo that is interested in hosting a brewer? You came to the right place!  LOGIN Below and enter your event using the Event Form.

How It Works:

Restaurants/retailers team up with their favorite brewer or brewery to develop an event. If you need assistance in doing this, the best way is to connect to the other party through your local distributor. If you like, you can cut out the middleman, and go straight to the source!

Any KBW Event Must:

  • Concentrate on craft beer
  • Offer something special
    ($3 Craft Beer Drafts alone aren’t enough. Add a bottle signing, meet and greet, or tasting? Perfect!)
  • There should be a programmed element to your event
    (Someone, preferably the brewer, should make remarks or present the beers.)

Then, add your event to our calendar using the EVENT FORM. It will be posted in short order on this website, and promoted, along with other Kalamazoo Beer Week events. 

MLCC Reminder

Remember, all events surrounding Kalamazoo Beer Week need to be registered with the MLCC. It is the responsibility of the host location to register their event, so please be sure to submit the appropriate documents. This is a very simple process, that involves just sharing the type of event, date, time, and other details on an MLCC form, which can be found here.

KBW2019 Playbook

Want to host the perfect KBW2019 event? Need to know how to promote your perfect event? Want to make sure you’re connecting with the right people? Click on the link above to check out the handy KBW2019 Playbook.


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