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Build-a-Beer Workshop at Presidential Brewing Co.

Dec 31, 1969 (Expired)
2:53 am
Cost: $25
Contact & More Info
Contact: Jake Lohse
Email: jake.lohse@presidentialbrewing.com
Phone: 269-468-9765

Event Type: Demonstration , Interactive Lecture
Event Venue: Presidential Brewing Company

The Build-a-Beer Workshop is a unique experience where YOU help design our next Primary Election beers! POTUS (Jake Lohse, owner and head brewer) will lead this fun workshop where you’ll get a bit of background on the brewing process and the science behind designing a beer, as well as an introduction to our Primary Election beer competitions.

Next, you’ll be assigned to one of 3 groups to get to work designing your beer! Each group will be guided by an experienced brewer, but ultimately it’s up to your group to decide what you want your beer to look like. Once you’ve completed your beer design, it’ll be brewed by the Presidential team, and released to the public as part of our April Primary Election. The beer YOU designed will be available to the public, who will vote on their favorite of the three beers designed in this workshop. Once it’s on tap, you’ll receive a crowler of the beer you designed, so you can take it home and brag about how awesome you are 😉

Date: Saturday, January 18
Time: 1pm-3pm
Location: Presidential Brewing Company | 8302 Portage Road
Cost: $25 | Includes workshop, 2 beers of your choice, and a crowler of your finished beer when it goes on tap in April
Availability: 15 spots
Restrictions: 21+ Only